Tower construction in Victory Center raises controversy

Posted: September 2, 2010 by TheWild Webster in Based on a true story, Fiction, Mock News, Political Fiction
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New York – August 17, 2023

A new proposed construction project has raised a great deal of controversy in recent days in the Allah Akbar Victory Center area (formerly known as Manhattan) of New York City’s waterfront district.

A business man has recently obtained permission to begin construction on what some say is going to be a trade and commerce center consisting of two, 110 story buildings. This has caused some outrage among the districts Islamic residents who see the construction as an insult to the Muslim community.

Part of the controversy seems to revolve around rumors that the project is being backed by a group of investment capitalists. Some see this type of emboldened gesture by the business community and the investors involved as a flagrant disregard of the sentimental nature of this location, now praised among the Muslims as a sign of their prior victories earlier this century.

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