Engine Trouble?

Posted: September 4, 2010 by TheWild Webster in Poetry, Political Fiction
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A man awoke early
determined and assuredly
upon the annual election day,
He looked quite dearly
upon casting his vote yearly
to be sure he had his say.

He hopped in his car
but he didn’t get far
before he ran into trouble,
The engine did choke
and blew out lots of smoke
so he went to the shop on the double.

“I need my car fixed
and please make it quick”
he told the mechanic in haste.
“But time and money are tight,
so if you just might
please sir, my money and time don’t waste.”

The car was pulled in
so the shop could begin
to return the engine to rally.
The mechanic worked fast
until finally at last
he returned from the shop with the tally.

“The plugs were near shot
and engine ran hot,
but I fixed you all up in a jiffy.
But mind you I saved
the money you craved
and made ‘er all brand new and spiffy.

By spraying the coil
and filtering your oil
through some rags I had in the back.
It may sound a bit funny,
but I saved you some money
to help get you right back on track.”

The man pondered the smarts
of not replacing the parts,
but was in a hurry to take part in the election.
So he settled his bill
and had a slight thrill
as he headed back in the poll site’s direction.

He’d made barely a block,
when the engine did knock
requiring his turning around.
So he told the mechanic
with just a slight panic
of this new found troublesome sound.

“I know you’re in a hurry,
so please don’t you worry,
I think I have just the right trick.
I’d noticed the air-filter
appeared slightly off kilter
so I’ll blow it out for you right quick!”

The grease monkey went to it,
then said “that should do it”
and accepted more cash as largess,
A compressed air blast
through the filter fast
with no parts replaced in the process.

But the man was contented,
he thought the guy was just splendid
for saving such time and money.
So off he went again,
until at the next bend
the car resumed acting quite funny.

So back to the shop,
without making a stop,
and the car once again was inspected.
This time the technician
spared no time for suspicion
telling shop hands to do as directed.

They did work and toil,
till all covered with oil
when at last the car was ready for leaving.
Their efforts looked sincere
over belt, hose and gear
to suggest no act of deceiving.

The record was long
of what seemed to go wrong
that the shop had set forth to put right,
“We sprayed down the wires,
put air in the tires
and checked that every bolt was on tight.

The hoses were cleaned,
the belt drums machined,
the radiator fluid was topped.”
The list barely finished,
of all they replenished
before their labors had stopped.

Every repair they attempted
in the back was preempted.
Not a single thing found replacement,
Instead they just fudged,
not an old part had budged
from it’s original state of debasement.

Alas he paid once again,
before he began
one more trip to the election station.
Again came the knock
before making a block
this time accompanied with vibration.

‘The time left is waning’
thought the man now complaining
as the engine continued to spout.
So he continued to drive on,
despite the commotion
fearing his time would run out.

Barely making it there,
with time just to spare
he limped into a parking place.
His car loudly wheezed
as the exhaust system sneezed
and the engine finally died in disgrace.

Now you might not believe,
but I would not deceive
when I tell you this last point of concern.
Though it might sound redundant,
his vote was entirely incumbent,
I guess some people will just never learn!

SWWood Scott Webster Wood
TheWild Webster

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