Simultaneous Cogitasm

Posted: November 2, 2010 by TheWild Webster in Fiction, Romantic Fiction
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(this story is kind of a ‘part II’ of “Love, Photography and Sailboats” which I wrote previously)

He sat staring off toward nothing in particular, his fork hovering part way between his plate and his mouth.  She watched him and stifled a half chuckle, half sigh.

She enjoyed his dinner conversation but she also knew how to spot his more thoughtful moments and was often delighted at the kinds of things that he could come up with suddenly as a result of them.  He would stare off as he was doing now, and suddenly perk up with some completely unexpected realization.  She sipped her wine and resumed eating her own dinner.

He seemed to look at her briefly, his eyes almost coming into focus then  he looked down noticing the half eaten morsel on his fork, put it into his mouth before scooping up some more pasta.  But again, the fork stopped half way and his vision again blurred out to some point over her shoulder.  She just grinned and lowered her glance again before taking another bite herself.

When it finally came it still somehow always managed to catch her by surprise.

“Candles!” he said simply.  He was looking at one of the candles she had lit on the table.  Suddenly he stood up and turned the corner into the living room.  She let out a long breath and drooped her shoulders.  She’d have to wait a bit longer to find out where his thoughts had led.  But he came back carrying the remote and a stack of CDs.

He shuffled through them, but eventually looked up.  “Where is my Michel Le… er, I mean the Mel Tormé?  Maisonette?”

She gestured to the entertainment center as she still had a mouthful of wine and bread but he quickly vanished again around the corner.  She could hear the sound of shuffling CD cases and eventually an “Hah!” sound that he had found it.  He turned on the stereo and she could hear the CD player door opening and closing.  When he returned, he stood half way in the opening with his ‘remote’ hand pointed into the room.

Then, as if he had been in the middle of a conversation suspended days before he seemed to continue, “The other day, you had asked me why I love you?”

‘Ahhhh, so that’s what you were so deep in thought about?’ she thought to herself and pulled her elbow up onto the table and rested her chin upon it almost mockingly attentive in a playful manner, smiling appreciatively.

“It just hit me,” he continued.  “Another great example!” He kept turning to look as she heard songs from the live Velvet Fog album playing around the corner.  He fidgeted with the remote until eventually he heard the intro to a song he was seeking.  “Here…!” he said, again fidgetting to fast forward through the song.

Mel Tormé  - Live at the Maisonette

Mel Tormé – Live at the Maisonette

Eventually he paused at a spot that seemed sufficient and turned back to look at her.  “This is it,” he said, half dangling the remote in one hand, almost zoning back into his thoughtfulness but maintaining his focus on her this time.

{click for a soundtrack while you read}

She heard the words of the bridge refrain as Tormé sang them so gracefully, “I want to see your face in every kind of light, in fields of dawn and forests of the night….”

“This part right here!!!” he said excitedly, pointing at the sound system as though he was underlining the next phrase.  “…. and when you stand before the candles on a cake, oh let me be the one to here the silent wish you make.”

As the words continued he had moved around behind her and swept her up out of her chair in a smooth motion taking a moment to dance with her.  She went right along with it, being a big fan of his more romantic moods.  But she was lost trying to catch up with his thought processes and almost didn’t notice as he moved away and started clearing the table.

This too caught her by surprise because she swore she heard him say “I’ll do the dishes, you just relax and enjoy your wine.”  That snapped her back a bit to reality.  ‘What???‘ she thought, “him doing dishes?  He really must be in a romantic mood!

She knew him all too well though, he wanted her to catch up!  She thought hard to absorb all that had been said without really saying it – said in the words of the songs, the recollection of the question a few days past.  Candles?  That must be the part he wants me to focus upon.  What were those words?  She ran the phrase from the song through her head; “… and when you stand before the candles on a cake, oh let me be the one to hear the silent wish you make.

‘Secrets!’ she thought.  Suddenly she heard another melody somewhere in the back of her mind.  She couldn’t quite place it.  She looked up and he seemed to be humming to himself as the LeGrand song finished on the entertainment center.  She thought she could detect him somehow watching her out of the corner of his eye but his attention seemed focused on his task of doing the dishes.  He continued to hum delighted to himself.

He is enjoying this!‘ she thought as she marched into the living room and started rummaging through CDs herself.  The melody seemed to become a bit clearer in her head.  ‘Secrets,’ the word again came to her.  ‘Tell me the secrets…‘ she heard now distinctly in the familiar falsetto.  She dug through the tub of 80’s pop.  There!  Journey!

She fumbled with the CD case and ejected the Tormé to put in Raised on Radio.

Journey - Raised on Radio

She fumbled with the buttons to queue up the song she wanted and wandered back toward the kitchen, herself immersed in thought.

{click for soundtrack while you continue reading}

He was back near the corner himself wiping his hands dry with the towel before setting it aside on the counter.  She was so deep in thought she almost walked into him.  He smiled and all she could think to say was “Is this it?”

She pointed the remote at the CD player and fast forwarded until she too got to the bridge.  “Oh it’s a horrible song for an example.  It’s so depressing,” she said half to herself.  “But this part…” she stated as she found the part she wanted and turned to look into his patient, inquisitive eyes.

Steve Perry wailed out the lines, “… tell me secrets – oh – that make you cry …”  She turned to lower the volume, turning back to him to see the smile and the acknowledgment in his eyes.  Without stopping to consider further she was smothering herself in his lips…

Her sudden kiss took caught him by surprise.  The passion of it even more so.  Before he had time to realize what had happened he became aware that she was leading him out of the room, pulling at the buttons on his shirt while she struggled with the other arm to pull at her own blouse.  Both of them were now swept up in a moment of passion and half stumbling, half turning, half rolling their bodies along the wall of the hallway that lead to the bedroom.

She had gotten it.  The question, “why do you love me?” had stuck in his head since she first asked it and he gave his best impromptu answer, but he had still lingered on the thought searching for a better resolution to the question.

He became aware of his hands now assisting her with removing her top as she then took to the buttons on his shirt with both her hands.  The passion welling up in him, he thought, was no doubt the same thing she was feeling.  A flush of warmth ran through his head as he swooned.  But then a thought.

Why this thought?  Why now?!?!?!  The thought of a long past ‘exploit’ – a girl that had meant nothing to him beyond a teenage fling now entered his head.  He felt her lips running down the edge of his neck and down onto his chest as she continued to undo the last few buttons.  They were half way down the hall now moving slowly.  But the thought remained, distracting him.  ‘I have to sort this out,‘ he thought. ‘Dispel it.  Figure out why it’s even relevant and be done with it.

It was a blond girl he recalled, but he was far more distracted by this wonderful woman in front of him.  He became aware of his own hands encircling her back as her lips again met his.  ‘A tree.  What??‘  His thoughts were again interrupted.  He focused on the tree.  Ah yes, that was where we spent that first night.  ‘Why in the hell am I thinking of that??‘ he thought, now trying to put the entire thing out of his head as he now dove down to smother her neck in his mouth, tracing the line of her shoulders gently with his teeth.

They spun another half circle so his back was now against the wall.  He leaned his head back and closed his eyes as she fumbled with his belt while nibbling on his rib cage.  ‘Blond, tree, sex…  Why???‘ he focused on the thought in a final attempt to sort it out.

Yes, he had fallen for that girl – he remembered.  But it was unreal, it was infatuation.  The sex was it.  By some freak of absolute chance, they had climaxed at the same time.  It was a wonderful feeling but part of a meaningless act of youthful indiscretion.

The door to the bedroom slammed open as she pushed at it with the back of her foot.  Her bra was just hanging loose around her shoulders by now and her skirt skidded along the wooden floor under her other foot.  He came back to the moment to notice his shirt was hanging down around his waste held on his body now only by the crumpled sleeves around his wrists.  His pants undone hung loosely as she grabbed as the tails of his shirt to drag him into the bedroom.

Simultaneous orgasm?‘ he thought and looked down at the woman he had before him.  ‘So much more vibrant, intelligent, amazing!‘ he thought.  And they had both arrived at an emotional epiphany together – about their love.  And that sensation had swept them up into a moments passion that would not soon die away.

“I want you …. NOW!” she said like a hungry tiger.  The thoughts of the other girl were gone.  It wasn’t her, it was the sensation. A sensation that now faded in comparison to this moment.  All he could do was let out a purring growl in response.

She closed the door behind them and reached for the switch to turn off the light, but he stopped her smiling.

“No!” he said with a mischievous smile and she knew at once what he was thinking.  This was not a night, not an act for darkness.

With that she fell backward on the bed with a look that said ‘take me‘ and he looked at her with a definitive statement that could not be mistaken as anything other than ‘I plan on it!‘.

He pulled the shirt sleeves off his arms as h is pants feel loosely down his legs to the floor before laying over across her with another deep passionate kiss.  Yes, it was going to be a long and wonderful night!

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