Sonnet on Jay Gould

Posted: November 22, 2010 by 7efellight in Uncategorized

Pit Gould in war against a Genghis Khan,
And fiercer genius will be seen in him.
Raptorial comprehension in this man
Has made his name the glaring synonym

Of sharp success. Jay profitmoody Gould,
Comparing machinations, prosecutes
The fitter plot. Like Machiavelli, schooled
In circumspection, he discovers routes

That none has seen. Cognition in his sight
Becomes a vulpine sense, reviewing scenes
Of chance. In covert foxiness his right
Advancement runs by providential means.

The dodgiest fox all dotards would outface
In chancy stratagems against their chase.

This is from a play about Gould and Jim Fisk.Jay Gould


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