Jay Gould, The Speculative Ghoul

Posted: December 16, 2010 by 7efellight in Uncategorized

Gould tried to corner the gold market and panicked almost all the shorts when he brought the price to (1)55.

Fit to confederate a covetous plot,
Jay Gould, the speculative ghoul, appalls
Like adversarial Pan the market, not
From panic unreality the halls

Of commerce sparing. Gould, the ghostliest scare
Begetting, frighted subjectivity
Has piqued in traders. No response they dare
At fifty five, much worse ascendancy

Supposing. Mundane elevation he
Evokes for gold, metallic affluence
Deriving fast. The worldliest clarity
Not losing wildly, logic in events

He sees. Scared men may thoughtful horrors find
In him, unsettled by a sober mind.


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