Learning on Stage

Posted: January 9, 2011 by 7efellight in Uncategorized

This is the first sonnet from Volume Two of Shakespeare Undiminished, which in all three volumes amounts to 900 sonnets. They will soon be offered on Amazon.

He waxed in practice for the work of plays,
Learning on stage the lore of mastery.
His playhouse offices, which won him praise,
Inured him to sonorous language, free

From prose. This actor, conning tragedies,
Long acts extended in his memory.
Distinguished by pentameter, with ease
The parts impressed on him their fluency.

Marlovian syllables in metre, those
For loud recital, vocally enlarged
His heart. He learned that semblant drama flows
In haste, oft memorably prescriptive, charged

With prompts. On the broad stage his vehemence
For words was far from donnish diffidence.


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