Couplets on John Paulson

Posted: January 29, 2011 by 7efellight in Epigrams, Poetry, Uncategorized

In 2010 John Paulson surpassed his personal winnings of 2007, which were 4 billion dollars. Last year Mr. Paulson made 5 billion, one fifth of which came from 20 percent commissions, an amount charged by all hedge funds. He profited from gold, banks and oil.
The soundest market of probation flows
With Paulson’s capital where profit grows.

Actions of preference should never lack
Probation, in discountenance not slack.

John Paulson, chanciest in pursuit of choice
Resources, sees the fraud where men rejoice.

A probatory comprehender must
In constant shift of judgment put his trust.

Paulson, an oracle of timeliness,
Knew overvalued prices evanesce.

In timeliest hesitation vultures sit
Above the market as more firms unknit.

Paulson tenacious timeliness maintained
Who saw that mortgages were overstrained.

In tardy concord with judicious time,
The overpriced obtains as buyers chime.

The timeliest consonance with fortune could
John Paulson comprehend in likelihood.

In better timeliness betimes come forth
To prove among competitors your worth.


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