Libertarian Shakespeare

Posted: February 12, 2011 by 7efellight in Poetry, Uncategorized

Plutarchic Shakespeare No. 7

Plutarch, of liberal instance, coming forth
In prose, historically reconciled
With fate, persuaded Shakespeare that more worth
Brief freedom has alive and undefiled

Than longevous disgrace enslaved. One must
Consider in accord with courage what
To do, by daily judgment deeming just
Those deeds that quicken liberty. So thought

The poet when Marcus Brutus he perused,
Not from the manly tenor of that book
Withdrawing. Civic wisdom was infused
Into his spine, which would not lightly crook

Upon consensus. Forcibly erect,
No slavish bent he’d suffer in defect.

  1. David Emeron says:

    Finally something else worth reposting, for other than for sheer civility.

    • 7efellight says:

      Shakespeare Undiminished amounts to more 900 biographical sonnets on the poet. The sonnet on which you commented is from the last chapter, eighty five sonnets.

      F L
      The book is listed on Amazon, where there is one review.

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