HHS considers Breath-tax

Posted: March 26, 2011 by TheWild Webster in Based on a true story, Fiction, Mock News, Political Fiction
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Washington D.C. – We’ve been arguing for months against the idea of states instituting carbon credit taxes to replace health care revenues used for medicare, medicaid and other programs.

Well, now a spokesperson for the non-partisan department of Health and Human Services announced today of ongoing deliberations considering the implementation of a breath tax as a means to help raise revenue and fight man-made climate change.

“We should look at the respiratory emissions program where people are actually charged on the amount of carbon that they exhale,” a former Massachusetts lawmaker told the Breakline Sourcewire.  Tax revenues to fund public health services, typically raised from ‘sin taxes’, are falling because people are eating healthier and smoking less these days.

Commission chairman Bill Williamson told BS News that it would take about a decade to get everything into place – including portable respiration monitors on every citizen so breathing could be tracked.

He said privacy wouldn’t be an issue because the information gathered to compute the tax would remain in each taxpayer’s on-person data system and the only info downloaded to the government would be the amount of tax owed.

He also said that the devices could be programmed to collect fees based on person’s weight and dietary choices, so healthier individuals wouldn’t have to pay as much as larger individuals with a propensity for fast food and sweets.

Here’s hoping the commission also looks at a way to identify taxpayers by physical activity and adjust the breath tax by that criterion as well.

  1. with all due credit, I based this on the following article from 2009 after hearing an ABC News radio report that the allegedly ‘non-partisan CBO’ is now considering a national mileage tax similar to the one discussed in this article:

  2. Unconfirmed Sources
    Obama proposes New Breath Tax

  3. New wearable device uses breathing patterns to track state of mind

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