Scott Webster Wood
Thoughts from TheWild


Objectivist, minarchist, outdoor nut, cycle rider, rock-n-roller, non-practicing deistic agnostic pastafarian, skeptic, armchair philosopher, theoretical idealist, practical realist, helpless romantic.

‘My only allegiance is to ‘reason’. My only duty is to my own self-interest. My only obligation is to the pursuit of both with the least imposition upon my fellow man.’

Other Links:
YouTube: treii28
Flickr Photostream: treii28

Martin Gasser


An individual in the center of the collective… slowly eating his way out.

Richard GleavesRichard Gleaves
Uncommon Sense


Other links:
Music by Richard Gleaves
Rebirth of Reason: Author Richard Gleaves
YouTube: “This is John Galt Speaking” video series

Nate PhillippsNate Phillipps
Faith Through Fear


Graduate of the University of Oklahoma with a degree in Film & Video Studies and a minor in architecture.

Other links:
YouTube: Find Out What It’s Like to Believe

Frederick L LightFrederick L Light


He swings with the same fist that Shakespeare swung
Who gave his Tybalt a pugnacious tongue.

Pages of his translation of Homer’s Iliad have appeared in 66:Journal of Sonnet Studies, The International Poetry Review, Inverted a-horn, The Steelhead Special, Mobius, Hrafnho (Wales), Headland (England), Buckle, Troglodyte (Wales), Poet Magazine, and Sonnetto Poesia is in a series of ten issues publishing the whole first book of Light’s Iliad.

More coming shortly.  I have two now definitely interested and 3 others tentatively interested and before even started to spam the objectivist forums.


If you would like to become a contributing author to The ObjectOpus, please contact Scott.  Individual/single contributions also welcome.



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